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New article on the relationship between aquatic insect traits and climate

My article “Large scale relationship between aquatic insect traits and climate” has been published in PLOS ONE (impact factor: 3.234). In this article, we compared the responses of the assumed climate-associated traits from six grouping features to 35 bioclimatic indices for five insect orders (Diptera, Ephemeroptera, Odonata, Plecoptera and Trichoptera), evaluated their potential for changing distribution pattern under future climate change and identified the most influential bioclimatic indices. The data comprised 782 species and 395 genera sampled in 4,752 stream sites during 2006 and 2007 in Germany.

Annual averaged abundance weighted traits across 4,752 stream sites in Germany for the Temperature Preference trait of aquatic insects. The figure is adopted from the article.

Traits of temperature preference grouping feature that are the products of several other underlying climate-associated traits, and the insect order Ephemeroptera exhibited the strongest response to the bioclimatic indices as well as the highest potential for changing distribution pattern. Regarding individual traits, insects in general and ephemeropterans preferring very cold temperature showed the highest response, and the insects preferring cold and trichopterans preferring moderate temperature showed the highest potential for changing distribution. We showed that the seasonal radiation and moisture are the most influential bioclimatic aspects, and thus changes in these aspects may affect the most responsive traits and orders and drive a change in their spatial distribution pattern. Click here for the free access or continue reading below.

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