I am currently @ Stockholm Resilience Center, Stockholm University, Kräftriket 2B, SE-10691 Stockholm, Sweden

Started working at Stockholm Resilience Centre

I have started working as a postdoctoral researcher at Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) in Stockholm University since the beginning of this month. I am affiliated with the Planetary Boundaries research group and am also an Earth-Doc at The Earth League collaborative research network.

The copyright of this image is protected by Stockholm Resilience Centre and used only symbolically in this post. See here for the details on this image

Within the framework of “Earth-Lander” project, my research, in collaboration with other Earth-Docs, will focus on deepening our understanding of current (in the epoch of Anthropocene) global changes and their socio-economic drivers in particular. Subsequently, the research will contribute to the development of a new generation of modelling, which will integrate human dimensions with the biophysical dimensions to outline pathways for sustainable transformation. I am absolutely content and privileged to be part of this world’s leading institution in resilience and sustainability research, which is also the pioneer of Planetary boundaries and Safe and Just Operating Space concepts.

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